As an employee of Stryker, you have an exciting opportunity to share in our Company’s financial future through the ownership of Company stock. The Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) lets you buy shares of Stryker common stock at a 5% discount through convenient payroll deductions. It’s another way we offer you unique value as a Stryker employee ― and is a potentially valuable addition to your long-term savings strategies.

Key advantages:

Consider the ways in which the ESPP might help you reach your financial goals, including:

Becoming invested in Stryker

The plan enables you to participate in Stryker ownership by becoming a shareholder.

Saving made easy

The after-tax deductions each pay period mean that you’ll regularly — and very simply — set aside money to invest in Stryker common stock.

Eligibility and enrollment

You can enroll in the ESPP, or change your current ESPP enrollment status, during the first 15 days of every month. Your election is effective beginning with the first paycheck of the following month. Employees who are at least age 18 are eligible to participate in the ESPP. You will receive enrollment material in the mail from Computershare, the vendor who administers this plan for Stryker.

When you enroll in the ESPP, you elect to contribute from 1% to 50% of your eligible compensation through after-tax payroll deductions throughout the plan year, up to the annual Internal Revenue Service (IRS) limit. The ESPP allows you to purchase Stryker stock at a 5% discount from Fair Market Value. Stryker pays all fees for stock purchases through this plan.

See the ESPP Explanatory Guide for more information. For details, or to manage your account, you can visit the Computershare website. Log in using your Social Security Number and personalized PIN. The first time you log in, you will use the default PIN you will receive in the mail. You will be required to change your PIN after your first successful log in.