Limeade, the organization that hosts the Strive platform, recently announced that they have data security concerns that may impact Strive. The Strive program will be paused until the issues are resolved. We are working to restore the program as soon as possible and will provide additional updates when they are available. Additional wellbeing resources can be found on this page.

Your health—and the health of your family members—is vitally important to us. When you work toward greater wellbeing, you can enjoy the many rewards that come along with it: more energy, fewer medical expenses and a more fulfilling life.

That’s why we offer you the Strive program. This confidential program makes it easier and more rewarding to take care of your health—and it’s available to you and your spouse/domestic partner at no cost.

See what you can achieve

Whatever your current health status may be, the Strive program has something for you. You can:

  • Take a wellbeing assessment to gain a clearer picture of your health.
  • Get motivated by participating in fun, friendly wellbeing challenges.
  • Access tools and support to help you make healthier choices every day.
  • Take advantage of the Ignite Your Life coaching program to help you achieve positive, significant and lasting change.
  • Earn great incentives, including gift cards and Strive gear!
  • Participate in Whil, a goal-based mindfulness program.

Quit tobacco

LifeWorks offers a free Tobacco and Nicotine cessation program. It is offered to you and all members of your household at no charge.

Quitting now isn’t just “health smart”- it’s financially smart, too. If you use tobacco and successfully complete the LifeWorks Tobacco and Nicotine cessation program, you can avoid paying the $600 Tobacco Use Surcharge. For more information, refer to Stryker’s Tobacco Use Policy and Tobacco Use Surcharge FAQs. If you have questions, contact myHR.

Find additional wellbeing resources on the Wellbeing and Resilience site.

Additional Wellbeing Resources

Additional wellbeing resources available to you include: