Healthy teeth and gums are important to your overall wellbeing. To help you maintain your dental health and address any issues, our dental coverage through Delta Dental of Michigan pays for most preventive and diagnostic care and helps pay for the cost of basic and major restorative treatments. The plan also provides orthodontia benefits for dependents up to the age of 19 (unless they are medically necessary).

Watch this short video to learn more about your dental benefits or why you should consider enrolling during our next annual enrollment period.

Key features at a glance:

Free in-network preventive and diagnostic care,

with no deductible.

Affordable coverage

that helps you manage the cost of dental treatment.

Wide network of providers

that have agreed to negotiated rates, which helps you save money.

Find a network dentist

You'll generally pay less out-of-pocket when you use an in-network dentist. Visit Delta Dental of Michigan for more information.

Learn how using in-network providers can help you save here.

Coverage Details

Feature Amount
Employee only $50
Employee + spouse/domestic partner
Employee + child
Employee + children
Employee + family
(Employee + spouse/domestic partner + child(ren))
Annual maximum benefit paid per calendar year excluding orthodontics $2,000
Lifetime maximum benefit paid for orthodontics $2,000
Services *
Class I benefits:
Diagnostic and preventive services (includes exams, cleanings, fluoride and space maintainers); emergency palliative treatment; sealants; radiographs/X-rays; periodontal cleanings
You pay $0
Class II benefits:
Minor restorative services (includes fillings); periodontic services (to treat gum disease); endodontic services (includes root canals); oral surgery services (extractions and dental surgery); relines and repairs (to bridges and dentures); other basic services
You pay 20%, plan pays 80%
Class III benefits:
Major restorative services (includes crowns); prosthodontic services (includes bridges and dentures); implants (endosteal implants to replace missing teeth)
You pay 50%, plan pays 50%
Class IV benefits:
Orthodontic services (includes braces)
Note: Orthodontic age limit is 19 unless medically necessary.
You pay 50%, plan pays 50%

* When you receive services from a Nonparticipating Dentist, the percentages in this colum​n are based on Delta Dental's Nonparticipating Dentist Fee that will be paid for those services. This amount may be less than what the Dentist charges or Delta Dental approves and you are responsible for that difference.

Where to go for care

With your dental plan, you have the freedom to choose any licensed dentist for care. However, if you choose a Delta Dental Premier or Delta Dental PPO dentist, you will pay only your copayment for covered services. To find a Delta Dental Premier or Delta Dental PPO dentist, check Delta Dental of Michigan’s web site.

Using your dental benefits

Here’s how to make the most of your dental benefits:

Choose a provider.

Each time you need dental care, you have a choice of providers. Selecting a Delta Dental of Michigan participating dentist will ensure you receive the highest benefits from your plan. Be sure to check for a network provider that is accepting new patients, which will be noted in the search results. To find a provider, go to Delta Dental of Michigan.

Present your plan identification information at your provider’s office.

The group number is 5480.

If your service will exceed $200, submit for a pre-treatment estimate.

You should always submit a request for a pre-treatment estimate for procedures and services your dentist believes will exceed $200 (procedures such as crowns, inlays, bridges, and periodontics). For more information about pre-treatment estimates, call Delta Dental of Michigan at 800-524-0149 or visit Delta Dental of Michigan.

Check your claim status and other information at Delta Dental of Michigan.

You can review Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements, check if claims have been paid, and more.

Visit Delta Dental of Michigan to download additional forms.