Disability insurance

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Last updated date: 7/12/2024


The loss of income due to illness or injury can cause serious financial hardship for your family. Disability insurance replaces a portion of your income to help you continue paying your bills and meeting your financial obligations during this difficult time. Short-term and long-term disability are provided to eligible employees at no cost to you.

Short-term disability insurance

  • Eligible for 1 to 180 days of disability benefits if approved by Unum
  • Maximum length of disability payments is 180 days
  • Coordinated with state disability benefits if applicable

Long-term disability insurance

  • Coverage begins after you have been disabled for 180 days if approved by Unum
  • Pays 60% of your eligible earnings, up to a maximum of $15,000 per month
  • Benefits are reduced by the amount of any other income benefits, such as Social Security or workers’ compensation

Don’t forget!

If a doctor removes you from work due to a disability, contact myHR for information on how to file your disability claim and your leave of absence options.